Gábor Bajusz
Bajusz Gábor, born on April 17,1983. He has the biggest experience on stage, but do not let him around a bottle of tequila or whiskey. You risk the event cancellation. Ok. Now without jokes. He started to play drums at age 14 , a year later started to play in a local rock band. Being a more intuitive musician he simply loves music, driving the band not just with his grooves but with his heart. Always in a good mood, if you can find him behind the drums for sure you get a smile (if he somehow gets the bottle, then a big one). Oh, yeah, here is more...if you want a quiet, chill-out evening, do not, simply do not talk to this guy and try not to argue with him, especially about social issues and about questions of life. Do not drink with him, do not talk with him and do not drink and talk with him...you never get home. He also performs with the bands Straight from the Bottle and Indie Folker & Wonder Fools

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